PlayStation 5 Price Revealed Accidentally

About PlayStation PlayStation is a Japanese video game brand that consists of five home video game consoles, as well as a...

Fortnite : Introducing Season 7 “A Bitter Ice Spreads”

Fortnite has begun  teasing its seventh season, which begins in three days, with a warning that "a bitter ice spreads..."Announced on Twitter, the ominous message is accompanied by an image of some...

Sony enabled cross-platform option on Fortnite for Play Station 4 players.

The most trending game in the recent days in fortnite which had a superb welcome in both Android and iOS.But for it is most awaited game in PlayStation. Finally, Sony...

Xbox Series X Features Will Be Teased Every Month Until Launch

The Xbox Series X is probably the best product by Microsoft in the Gaming segment. The company plans to reveal some features on May 7th. This includes some of...

FIFA 19-Patch Notes 2 Update

EA Sports steps further into the FIFA 19 season, using this space to address to do some changes in the game and fixe the issues...

20 Best Games For 4GB RAM PC[No Graphic Card Required]

PC gaming is favored by all the geeks out there. While not everyone has the facility to play with a high-end PC with the best graphic support, here is...

PUBG -Update 0.10 Vikendi Snow Map

The Tencent games and Bluehole corporation gives you a new snow map called vikendi which is going to be an interesting gameplay and hot topic for a few weeks....

How to get Candy crush friends – pre-register

The next candy crush game is named as Candy Crush Friends and the pre-order starts from today. *Link is at the bottom ???

GTA 5 is free on Epic games store; Here’s how you can Grab It!

Yes, you read that right! GTA 5 Online Premium Edition free on Epic Games Store and you can have it included in your library for free. 

Xiaomi Announces New Survival Game like PUBG

Xiaomi announces an online battle royale mode called 'survival game' a multiplayer game which looks like PUBG.  Survival Game Details