Bose Qc35II vs Sony 1000XM3 vs Surface Headphones
Bose Qc35II vs Sony 1000XM3 vs Surface Headphones

This year had been great when it comes to active noise-canceling headphones. Previously Bose Quiet Comfort 35 and Sony WH 1000MX2 were the rulers of wireless headphones market. But things have changed. Sony has released its new WH 1000XM3 which is considered as best right now. It didn’t end here. These 2 legendary headphones got some new competitors. We have made a comparison test on Bose QC35 II, Sony WH 1000MX3, and the all-new Surface Headphones.

Here’s the review of all these headphones.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II:


This headphone was released in late 2017. Yes, it was released last year, yet, it is considered one of the best in the market. This headphone is widely compared with Sony 1000XM3. The reason it is still liked by most people is obviously that of its active noise-cancellation feature. Bose was the first company to introduce this feature on wireless headphones range.

Price:$349.00 (₹ 29,363)

Sony WH 1000 XM3:

WH 1000Xm3
WH 1000Xm3

This pair of headphones was released earlier this year. It is one of most welcomed headphones in the market. The direct competition for this headphone is its predecessor Sony 1000XM2, which was the rival of Bose QC35 II. Both these headphones performed really well on their duty which is active noise-canceling. In fact, most people felt that Sony 1000XM3 was a better upgrade from the last one as well Bose headphones. Right now this the higher end model of Sony’s wireless headphone range.

Price: $349.99 (₹ 29,990)

Surface Headphones:

Surface Headphones
Surface Headphones

Here comes the real game changer. This is the first product of Microsoft under the category of headphones. Although this is the first headphone model from Surface, it doesn’t seem like one. That is only because of its sound quality and active noise-cancellation feature. It does works better. The dial like control on either side of the headphones makes them much better to control the noise-cancellation level and volume.

Price: $349.99

So which one is the best?

To be honest, all these three are best in active noise-cancellation which is what the main and common feature among them. Apart from this, we can rank them for sound quality and additional accessibility features. In that case, too, these three are best in some kind. So it is hard to say which is actually best in particular. Bose QC 35II would the least among these as it old and does not have some accessibility feature like the noise-cancellation controller on the device and the winner is the Surface headphones just because it has extra voice assistant Cortana apart from Alexa, Google assistant, and Siri.

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